“Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation” -James Madison

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Super Tuesday coming.....

But it sure doesn't feel Super. As of this morning, the realistic choices are McCain vs Romney and Obama vs Clinton. Bleah.....2 con men, 2 socialists.....

What is a conservative to do? Go with the flip-flopping and too-slick Romney, or the known problem child that McCain represents? Throw up the hands and curse a pox on both their houses?

In this instance I have an additional factor which either helps or hinders the decision-making process, depending on how you view it.

I live in Georgia, which is an open-primary state. This means that anyone can take whatever ballot they want (D or R) with no re-registering business. Dems can vote for squishy or weak Repubs, Repubs can do the same on the Dems' side. Sometimes it is used to weaken a strong candidate's support, other times it is used to remove a problem representative at the easier level to accomplish; this came in handy a couple of years ago when I used this process to assist in removing the ever-pesky Cynthia McKinney from her little perch in "representing" my district.

Since neither of my guys are in the race anymore (Duncan Hunter and Fred Thompson), I'm not really in a position to care too much about the Republican race at this point. Given that Florida decided to screw the pooch last night by granting McCain the Golden Ticket, it seems pointless to pull too hard for Romney. The race is over; McCain will be the Republican nominee for President. I would prefer Romney (I think), but I don't believe he will overcome McCainmentum.

This makes me look at my crossover option -- obviously I cannot vote for Clinton under any circumstances, but I am interested in continuing Obama's quest for the nomination NOT because I believe in him or want him for POTUS, but because
  1. It is time for the two-headed Clintonferatu to finally go away.
  2. Obama is by far the weaker candidate for the general election in November.
  3. The Dem race is still up in the air; the Repubs are done (in SOOO many ways).
  4. Georgia, like South Carolina, is likely to get a lot of black votes out for Obama.
  5. Despite my misgivings about McCain and Romney, either of them are preferable to either Dem in the Big Seat.
So my plan on Tuesday is to go into my polling place, ask for a Dem ballot in my second-straight primary, and touch the Diebold button for America's Second Black President, Barack Obama. Come November, I'll still grudgingly cast my vote for the Republican nominee.

Honestly, I think the open primary makes my decision easier; I have an option that gives SOME degree of interest and excitement in the process. My vote will count for far more this way than if I had to stay in the Repub box, and it is far easier to defeat Clinton at the primary level than at the general election level, particularly with such a divisive nominee as McCain will surely prove to be.

I will not tell anyone how to vote, but I do urge people in open-primary states to consider this option. It is a feature, not a bug, in the the electoral system, and in some cases actually does help to accomplish what would not otherwise be possible.