“Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation” -James Madison

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Go Jews, Go!

Regarding the most recent unpleasantness in the Great Unpleasantness that is the Middle East, I am foursquare behind Israel's actions in the Gaza matter. Hamas has never ceased hostilities, whether verbal ("Israel has no right to exist") or physical (lobbing rockets into civilian areas DAILY).

The Israeli leaders have also correctly recognized that His Obamaness is going to be at best a lukewarm supporter and may very likely work against their interests in favor of dialogue with Hamas and Hezbollah. The recent announcement that the Obama administration would resume low-level diplomatic talks with Iran, with no preconditions, did not go unnoticed in the Knesset.

This is their time. If they're going to do anything to stamp out the Hamas cockroaches and still have any semblance of cover from the US, it must be right now, while President Bush still has a few days to be the solid support. Israel is obviously banking on a victory within the next 10 days or so, because once January 20 rolls around, they will be receiving a colder shoulder from their strongest ally.

Hamas leaders have openly admitted that they are surprised Israel is striking back at this time. Not only does that show how limited their understanding of international relations is, it also demonstrates a complete disconnect from their own situation.

Since it has come to war, I believe that Israel needs to go the next step. It is time they announce that they are going to meet their enemies on the same battlefield: Palestine has no right to exist, and civilians are fair game. They should declare that they intend to roll tanks through and destroy everything and kill everyone in Gaza unless unconditional demands are met and followed through. The leadership of Hamas must change or end, and those who would lead Gaza MUST be willing to coexist peacefully with Israel and her citizens. Anything less leads to annihilation. It is still far more than Hamas is willing to grant to Israel, and much more merciful than Hamas would be if the balance of power were shifted.

This won't happen, of course. But it is time that everyone involved completes the mental exercise of unilateral disarmament:
What happens if Hamas suddenly throws all their weapons into the ocean? Israel will live peacefully with their Arab neighbors.

What happens if Israel suddently throws all their weapons into the ocean? Hamas will instantly attack and attempt to destroy Israel.
Until both answers involve living peacefully together, Israel is correct to take any military action necessary to limit or destroy Hamas' ability to do harm.

I say, "Go Jews, Go!"


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