“Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation” -James Madison

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I'll Tell You Why

Redstate had a contest (which I missed out on -- darn work getting in the way of blogging!) in which they challenged readers to tell in 100 words or less, Why You Should Vote Republican in 2006. So here's my take:

Primaries are where ideals battle; general elections are about concentration of party power. In the end it is a zero-sum game; SOMEONE will win every election for every office, either a Republican or a Democrat, and most likely not ideal. To allow that seat, and possibly control of that chamber, to fall into the hands of the Socialist Democrats is unacceptable. Republicans aren't perfect, but there is no rational practical alternative at this time. The dems cannot be trusted with security, taxes, borders, or war. Don't think of it as rewarding RINOs; rather see it as limiting the damage.

heh -- 99 words.....

To paraphrase South Park's co-creator Matt Stone, I hate conservatives but I hate liberals even more. Let's face it -- there is no one party out there that makes everyone happy with every position. This causes a cessation of interest in many. That interest is further corroded by seeing the antics of members of both parties once they have get a taste of the power. Combined with a complete lack of fiscal control and utter disregard for constituents, both major parties begin to blur together and the average guy doesn't see a point to voting at all.

But looking at the underlying philosophy of each party yields sharp contrast. The conservative movement as currently embodied by the Republicans is largely about patriotism, family, duty, self-reliance, and responsibility. The liberal movement as currently embodied by the Democrats is very Socialistic, relying on big-government solutions, high taxes, personal release from societal norms, and dissolution of traditional societal structures in favor of a new humanistic view.

Both positions are fine -- it is a matter of the individual to determine which course (given ideal conditions and execution) would be the preferred form of national government. The recent decay of the Democrats into the world of the far-left has diluted their importance and viability as an option to the Republicans. An incoherent and irrational party that does not accept the basic premises our nation faces, simply cannot be trusted with power. The Reps have squandered a great deal of goodwill and political capital, but not nearly badly enough for people to legitimately look to the Dems as an alternative.

The Republicans' worst fault is that they don't follow through on their promises. The Democrats' worst fault is that they do.

Do not stay at home on election day, no matter what you think about Foley or borders or SocSec/taxes. Do not punish yourself and the rest of us by giving a tacit approval to the dem candidate of any national seat. Although it might do the Reps some good to sit out for awhile, we do not enjoy an atmosphere where this is acceptable. The primaries are over; you have had your chance to put up an ideal challenger to that despicable RINO infesting your congressional seat, and the RINO won. Too bad. This is the time to go into the booth and pull the lever marked (R).

I wish we had the option to teach some hard lessons. I wish the dems could be a viable opposition threat and could be trusted with power for a few years. I wish we could make the Republicans remember that conservatism wins when it is tried. I wish that voting for a RINO would not be construed as permission for more of the same.

We must keep at least one chamber red, if not both. If the House goes blue, the Beltway will be paralyzed by investigations and likely impeachment proceedings. If the Senate goes blue, conservative judges shouldn't even bother showing up for hearings. If both go blue, Iraq and all other military options are gone. I do not believe that even in the worst case the dems can take enough seats to override presidential vetoes, but it is still a guarantee of paralysis in a time when we can least afford it. Between the looming national security threats of Iran, North Korea, and our own southern border, the looming monetary threats of SocSec and lapsing tax cuts, and the certain retirement of at least 2 SupCourt justices in the next 4 years, we must have a functional and conservative leadership in place in both houses of Congress.

Vote in November, for Republicans. Save the ideals for the next primary and work harder in 2008, 2010, 2012, etc. Ditch the RINO at the primary. Until the dems regain some sanity we cannot allow them to run even the most inoffensive committee, let alone control either chamber.

And that may mean voting for a RINO. Suck it up. Pink may not be red, but it darn sure isn't blue.


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