“Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation” -James Madison

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Joos have had it....

And good for them!

Hamas and the "Palestinians" got their wish over the last decade -- more land, removal of Israeli settlements, and sovereign control over their territory. Of course, they have squandered their gains by focusing more on their hatred of Israel than in building up the lives of their own people. Corruption is rampant, many civil services are unreliable or nonexistent, and their economy is flat.

So what is their solution? Sneak across the border wall with Israel and blow stuff up, kidnap or kill people, and generally be a major pain in the ass.

Throughout this process, Israel has been the epitome of restraint and grace. Every time a Pallie does something, the Bluestars respond with a series of deadly airstrikes. (note to pallies -- as surely as rock crushes scissors, F-16 vaporizes rock.....) The United States is constantly having to throttle back the Israeli desire to go in and clean the clocks of those who wish to destroy them.

No more. The Hamas morons have kidnapped a 19-year-old Israeli soldier and are boasting about it in typical lowlife muslim terrorist fashion, complete with video and self-congratulation. They have provided the provocation Israel needs to take action.

Gaza is pretty much forfeit at this point. IDF airstrikes destroyed 2 major bridges leading out of the area. Later the IDF took control of the abandoned airport in Dahaniyeh and the town of Shuka in southern Gaza in a move to cement their foothold in areas east of Rafah, a city on the Egyptian border. The area of Dahaniyeh represents a strategic control and observation point over the area of Rafah and the southern Gaza Strip.

Now the pallies can't escape into Egypt. Essentially the IDF is working to trap the Hamas militia between themselves and the Mediterranean. It appears that the current operation is not only about the retrieval of their kidnapped soldier; now it seems Israel has decided that enough is enough and that Hamas is going to get the fight it has been asking for.

Too bad for the pallies that their major defense against this in the past is no longer a factor -- remember that there are no Israeli settlements in Gaza anymore, so the IDF has little reason to worry about hitting their innocent civilians in the crossfire.

I say "GOOD FOR ISRAEL!" While war is always the least desireable way to settle differences, it is also frequently the most effective. With the bulk of the Hamas militia trapped, the IDF can (with a little political will) utterly destroy them and remove Palestine as an immediate threat. My advice to the IDF is to bomb the area until NOTHING moves. The pallies are going to continue their hatred regardless of the degree of restraint used, so my take is that they should wipe them out now and be done with it.

Israel must teach the Palestinians and the world that, like the United States, they are NOT to be messed with. In a military battle, you will lose. If you try to pick us apart a little at a time, we will hunt you down and kill you and everyone around you.

This is a followup to my previous post on Ruthlessness. Israel is about to teach us all that lesson once again, and I am 100% for it. It is about time the Middle East gets a good dose of reality -- Israel is there to stay, like it or not. The US will help make Iraq a free and sovereign nation, like it or not. The rest of the Arab/muslim world had better begin to take notice.


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