“Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation” -James Madison

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Would you support this candidate?

Tom is a conservative. While he is not a registered Republican, he tends to vote with the Republicans since there is no other viable voice of power for him.

- He wants a border wall and strong immigration enforcement.
- He rates national security and the WoT as our nation's highest priority.
- He knows that energy policy is right behind the WoT and wants to drill in ANWR and our continental shelf, as well as expand and upgrade refining capacity.
- He sees the injustice of the confiscatory progressive income tax, inheritance tax, and sundry other governmental stickups.
- He thinks we spend far too much public money on initiatives that would be better suited to private ventures. Specifically he thinks most of the cabinet departments could be defunded or abolished with little or no harm to the nation.
- He believes the demise of personal responsibility is the single greatest contributor to societal issues.
- He does not see the Constitution as "living, breathing", and supports strict constructionism.
- He sees the United Nations as a parasite and a cancer. He would eventually like the United States to withdraw from the UN and tell them to find some other country to host their little Dictators' Club.
- He does not believe we should be providing foreign aid to most of the countries that we do. He believes this aid ends up in the pockets of dictators instead of providing relief to the people in those nations.
- He believes in the exceptionalism of America and its people. Tom knows that despite the imperfections in our ways, it is the highest and best standard of civilization that we have come up with, and that to be an American is truly the single best opportunity to create a happy life for yourself and your family.

Tom is not a lawyer, nor is he "connected" via family or political means to any power base. He is a solid American citizen who pays his taxes and follows the law. He has a good education and has built on that education through his own study of government, philosophy, and ethics. He does his job well, is working on a small business of his own, and wants to become successful through honest hard work and dedication.

Tom is a good guy; he has no skeletons in his closet -- there are no "other women" (or "other men", or "children") issues, he's smoked pot in college (and inhaled) and can admit it, he has no legal or financial entaglements to anyone, and is by many accounts an Average Guy who is pursuing the American Dream the best he can. He is not a health nut, but is in good health. He likes a good steak. He does not drink much, doesn't smoke, doesn't gamble, and is honest to a fault. He loves his family and friends, and is trusted by all who know him. No one has a hold on him, and he does not keep hold over others. He did not serve in Vietnam, but it was not due to any strings being pulled -- he was ineligible to serve.

Tom has an idea that if the Republicans continue to support candidates that do not appear to share his views, than they should be replaced by people like himself.

Tom thinks that if there were less lawyers and "connected" people in the Beltway, then we could have a much more constructionist and conservative party, which would in turn be able to accomplish more of the agenda conservatives wish to see.

To believes that Rush is right -- Conservatism works when it's tried. Ronaldus Magnus proved this, and a generation later the lessons are forgotten as we view the antics of Frist, McCain, Specter, and President Bush.

Tom has fantasized about being president, as many other people do.

Tom would not hesitate to take the fight directly to the opposition, both in Congress and in the public arena.

He would put the Congress on notice at his inaugural that they have 100 days to send him legislation that authorizes:

- Funding for the wall, crackdowns on illegal aliens and their employers, and restructuring of the visa program to favor scientific and technical workers. This legislation would also severely curtail and restrict the student visa program. In addition, he would work directly with the border-state governors to find increased funding for their enforcement units and open discussion of using National Guard units to assist border control operations.
- Increased domestic energy production, including authorization and funding for increased drilling and refinery upgrading/construction. Secondarily, environmental restrictions must be re-assessed.
- Further support and funding for military operations regarding the WoT.

Tom would put teeth in this ultimatum by preparing Executive Orders for each of these issues. Tom knows that the President has access to the best legal minds and would work closely with them in order to have the Orders be unquestionably legal and legitimate. It is an opportunity for Congress to have the issue addressed as they would like to, or have it addressed for them.

Tom would continue his presidency by putting the Congress on notice that they are now on a shoestring budget -- no hidden funding, no earmarks, no pork, and SEVERE cutbacks in most governmental programs. Tom would make it plain to the American people through constant speeches that he intends to veto any funding legislation that does not meet those guidelines.

Tom would further make the reasons for vetoing budget bills plain by codifying and detailing each part that was objectionable, along with the name of the Senator or Representative that requested it.

Tom wants to throw the door open and let the American people see for themselves the activities of Congress. Not being one of the political elite, he has no reason to protect the legislators from the results of their shenanigans. If they won't clean themselves up, he will.

Tom will promise to serve only one term. He will also make constant appeals to the American people to replace their incumbents after a couple of terms -- it is not official term-limits, but something better: Constituent Control over the length of employment for their elected officials.

Tom would make voter education about the process of primaries/general elections and the unreasonable power of incumbency and districting a major priority. The ignorance and apathy of American voters is appalling to Tom.

Tom knows these ideas and actions will anger Congressional leaders of both parties, but it does not bother him. He believes that once the logjam is broken, then the people will begin clamoring for more of the same from their elected officials. It will not matter if he does not have a good relationship with Congress -- all he has to do is use the bully pulpit, and the Congress will respond to its constituents. Getting tax cuts and addressing SocSec concerns will follow. He would continue to use the threat of vetoes and Executive Orders to advance the agenda in a common-sense way.

It is a revolutionary idea, but Tom believes that he can do all these things. He does not care about being a lifetime elected official -- he just wants to get a few things done that must be done and then go home to his own life, leaving a more educated voting public and a more focused Republican party that stays true to conservative values.

So what do you think? Could you get behind Tom and work to get him on the ballot in every state as a Republican? Would you fight for him and get your friends to as well? Would you go out and vote in the primary for Tom?

Tom *IS* "of the people" and "by the people" and "for the people", MUCH more so than most of the denizens of the Beltway. He wants to serve and go home. Can you say that about ANY President, Senator or Representative currently in power?


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