“Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation” -James Madison

Friday, April 14, 2006

What to do in '06 and '08?

The Repubs are absolutely fumbling the immigration issue, they're prosecuting the WoT ala Sir Joseph (from HMS Pinafore), and discretionary spending has expanded to the point that Lord Lott is Annoyed By The Pestering Of The Little People.

Understandably many of us are wondering where to go and seeing few options in the upcoming elections...we certainly don't want to reward these clowns with further public service employment, so voting FOR them is distasteful. Some are considering voting for 3rd parties or even switching, to make the point. Still others will stay at home and vote for "none of the above," so to speak.

Assuming one chooses to participate, what are the options?

The Dems are out of the question (and their minds).

The Libertarians are wrong on immigration and the Wot, and they're blinded by the glow of the Bic lighter reflecting off their bongs.

All other 3rd parties are so disorganized and powerless as to be 100% ineffective.

Independent means exactly that - a party of one.

Staying home is essentially an apathetic vote for the Socialists.

The correct strategy:

Support the more conservative primary challenger
, making the point to the incumbent. This may or may not cost the seat in the general election, depending on the candidates. If the incumbent survives, a message has been sent. If the challenger prevails, an opportunity for conservatism is apparent.

When the general election rolls around, you have to vote for the Repub candidate, whoever that may be.

As fed up as we all are with the crop of RINOs, they are doing far less damage than the Socialist-Marxist Dems would do if given the majority of either or both houses. Make the point in the primary, but DO NOT STAY AT HOME on election day, and don't vote 3rd-party out of spite.

That way brought us 8 years of Klinton. Thanks, Ross...

For President, ditto -- support your preference in the primaries, but in the general election there is no logical choice other than pulling the lever for the Repub candidate, be it McCain, Frist, or any other RINO. A bad Republican is still better than any Democrat these days.

At this point it would seem to be all about limiting the damage, short of out-and-out revolution. Do your best for the guy you want, and if the "wrong one" wins the primary then swallow your pride and continue to vote (R) in the general.


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