“Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation” -James Madison

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Viva America!

Gangs of twerps skip school and shut down highways in California and storm courthouses in Texas. The major media broadcast 24/7 coverage of a "mass protest" and utterly miss the point. A US Senator, Sam Brownback, who also wants to be president, admits on Fox News that "enforcement simply doesn't work" despite the fact that enforcement hasn't really been tried. President Bush presses ahead with his amnesty deal, and McCain gets together with noted subversive Ted Kennedy to write his own amnesty bill. President Bush even goes on to say that whether it's illegal or not, people are going to participate in it anyway, so why not legalize it? By the way, we're talking about illegal immigration, not recreational pharmaceutical practices here....Every talking head complains about the lack of resources to move that many people around. And anyone who wants a border fence and/or deportation of illegals is a xenophobic, backward racist who wants to break up families.


You don't have to hunt down 11-25 MILLION people at once.

First -- Build the damn wall. You'd think a heart surgeon would know that you have to stop the bleeding before doing anything else.
Second -- Muster the political will to hit employers and landlords of illegals heavily. Shut the spigot off -- no work and no place to live will convince them very quickly to get back home. Secondary to this, legislation regarding the anchor baby phenomenon needs teeth.
Third -- Check the citizenship of every single person who is arrested, enters a hospital, jail, or government office for any reason, or applies for credit or banking services. If they are not legal, deport them immediately. The knock on this is that turns the US into a kind of "papers, please" society....while I'm not crazy about this picture, I know that it is necessary to correct the current course.
Fourth -- Get the Fair Tax in place. Besides being good tax reform, it would take an immediate 23-25% chunck out of every dollar these illegals are getting paid cash (and currently avoiding paying taxes). As illegals they would not be eligible for the "prebate", so they would learn in a hurry to go home and come back legally. Secondarily, it limits the available money for them to send back to Mexico, keeping those dollars here and in our Treasury.
Fifth -- Offer rewards for snitchers. And find some money/manpower to do the occasional sweep of the work hangouts and low-rent apartment communities.

The illegality of this situation is the problem. Most people are for controlled and legal immigration -- bright hardworking people who want to raise the American flag and learn English are certainly welcome in my neighborhood. The southwest is being reclaimed by Mexico, unofficially though it may be, and it is spreading.

Beyond the borders/immigration angle, the current situation is a terrible risk to our national security -- it boggles my mind that our President, who has pounded the drums for national security and providing security to Western Asia, has no political will to providing effective border control here at home.

You cannot truly hold the position that National Security is the most important duty, and allow the thousands of illegals to cross our borders every day, and further tolerate this action by not pursuing and deporting them, proposing amnesty, and making specious arguments about their "necessity" to our economy. Border Control is a fundamental part of national security, and to toss it aside as this administration and so many others before it have done, is to abdicate their constitutional duty to protect the American people from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I know how to get Americans to recognize the importance of implementing a coherent security policy with respect to our borders and immigration control. 4 steps:

1. Find a connected mercenary.
2. Give him a functioning dirty bomb in Mexico and huge pile of money to sneak it across the border and into Dallas.
3. Prior to delivery, put a GPS tracker and remote detonater inside the weapon. Also get the Minuteman movement to announce a major border surveillance operation, drawing hordes of press and other lefties to the site.
4. Detonate when the mule is just inside US territory but not in a major populated area.

You'll see a fence go up faster than the Towers fell. Shortly thereafter you will see enforcement of existing immigration law, as well as highly draconian search-and-remove operations for in-country illegals.

This is a ridiculous and extreme idea. Even more ridiculous is that it makes more sense than anything I hear coming out of Washington on this issue.

Boy, I sure am glad that Congress had the stones to chase those stinking Arabs away from our ports.....that could have been D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S......


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