“Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation” -James Madison

Monday, December 19, 2005

WWII was illegal, badly run, and we lost!

Well, at least according to modern Socialist Democrats' logic. Consider:

1. We should not have declared war on Germany or Italy. After all, it was Japan who attacked Pearl Harbor, not Germany. Europe should have sorted that one out.

(update: Yeeesh....yes, I know Germany/Italy declared war on us. It was Dec. 8, the same day we declared war on their ally Japan. Had we not declared war on Japan, the rest of the Axis likely would have stayed out of war with us for the time being. This is how alliances work. One attacks us, we declare war on that one, and the others join in. It's de facto war on all. The statement also is indicative of how the moonbats miss important facts in their zeal to make a point. Finally, it's SATIRE, and spelling out the intermediate steps kills the rhythm, as it has here.)

2. The warnings of German scientists who fled to the US regarding Hitler's plans to develop a "superbomb" were most likely inaccurate -- everyone knows that political refugees can't be trusted. Roosevelt probably made it up and lied to us anyway.
3. Roosevelt's family was involved in defense businesses. No war for money!
4. Roosevelt and his advisers knew in advance of the Japanese attack but did nothing about it, giving him an excuse to go to war and enslave the rest of us.
5. Rumors of enslavement and genocide of a certain racial minority were likely overblown. Besides, they were only Jooooos and don't really count.
6. The evil US government rounded up innocent Japanese-Americans and put them in a prison in the desert because of race-hate politics.
7. US casualties numbered nearly 420,000 killed. Who should be the last to die for a lie?
8. We never caught Hitler -- the entire war is obviously a failure.
9. We used a WMD on the utterly innocent people of Japan and showed the entire world how the REAL fascists operate.
10. The US and its puppet "allies" occupied Germany for 7 years trying to set up a government despite the actions of noble patriotic groups (consisting of former Nazis and sympathizers) constantly disrupting peacekeeping activities. Assassinations of local political leaders, terror-inducing explosions, and general societal disruption were all designed to weaken the resolve of the Americans to see the operation to its end. Regrettably, we prevailed.
11. 60 years later, we still have troops occupying Germany. Quagmire!!!!!!!

I am sure there are more examples but that should suffice. If the current Socialist Democrats were around in the mid-20th century, we would have never been able to prosecute WWII to its successful conclusion, and the struggle against global communism would have been over by the 1970s.

The sad irony is that the very freedom to speak that so moves the MoveOn crowd would never exist in the systems with which they seek to replace our Republic and Capitalist system. With freedom comes responsibility, and to spout the incoherent nonsense such as the points above, let alone from the mouths of US Senators and Representatives, is the epitome of irresponsibility. Not only is it damaging to the will and morale of US servicemen and the public in general, it completely undermines the entire system.

These same moonbats weep at what a fascist dictator we have in the form of King George, yet their frightening ignorance of history shows that if Lincoln were president right now, there would be several Senators and Representatives in jail for treason, and personal rights to free expression greatly curtailed in the short term so as not to disrupt the government's ability to wage war properly.

Dissent is important, but it has to be rational and in the spirit of being for the good of the country. "I hate it because George Bush is for it" is NOT proper reasoning or discourse, and the compliance of the media in their attempt to take down this president sets dangerous precedents and ignores historical events. Once the decision is made -- with the full support of those now opposing it as detailed in earlier posts -- then we need to come together as a nation and do what we all agree need to be done: Get Iraq secure and get out at the earliest reasonable juncture. Rational opponents of the war have to recognize that even if they were against going in, we ARE IN, and therefore we must continue to the most successful conclusion possible.

Thought experiment: If President Clinton had decided to act in 1997/1998 on Iraq and/or Osama bin Laden (meaning a full-on invasion and military plan as opposed to lobbing a few missiles), would he have support from his own party and conservatives? How about the US citizenry?

Vietnam and the Watergate episode have proven to be the most damaging time in our history, not so much for the actual events, but for the ripples which have crossed 40 years. That time emboldened anti-establishmentarians and the media in general, giving rise to several beliefs such as the government is always corrupt, war is wrong, if we scream loud enough we can force the war away and take a president down. Now this president is feeling the full effects of that time, and it takes tremendous will to face it and not cave in.

This essay has sprawled somewhat. My apologies; I'm getting a flu and am a little scattered. Anyway, hippies have always been a pox and need to be treated as the loud pottymouth children they are -- an irrational shortsighted unpatriotic minority who should never ever be given power. They would have lost WWII and the rest of the 20th Century and the US might not even exist today. The fact that so many of them are now Senators, Representatives, and presidential candidates is the real danger.


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