“Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation” -James Madison

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bits and bites

Wilson/Plame. Yawn. I suppose I should care, but I don't. Yeah, someone needs to learn to keep their mouth shut, but that's the only lesson here. Everything else is ginned-up hoohah that distracts from the real deal. This president and all others need to crack down hard on the leakers.

CIA. So much for the long-held belief in professional government covert problem-handlers. The conspiracy wackos are scared of this bunch? Fire 'em all, George.

Leakers. Keep your damn mouth SHUT! You're not doing anyone any favors, and are only complicating things. If you're trusted with confidential or classified info, don't share it with anyone, especially a reporter! How hard is this concept?

Elections 2005. Status quo -- the Dems kept seats they already had and were expected to keep, NYC kept its RINO mayor, and California proved once again that the people there simply are not paying attention.

Paris burning. Bigger than poverty, smaller than al Quaeda. France created the foundations of this problem and have exacerbated it with non-solutions. The rioters themselves aren't part of any Jihad movement, although there is a definite separatist bent. They're just pissed off and feel emboldened by a weak response. Watch Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and England -- things there will calm down or flare up based on what happens in France.

Europe. When are you going to learn that socialism DOES NOT WORK? That multiculturalism DOES NOT WORK? That pandering to immigrants with no intention of integrating DOES NOT WORK? That forming a larger collective ostensibly to bolster your own crappy economies DOES NOT WORK?

MSM. Vainglorious traitors. Can you imagine ANY news outlet 'outing' a secret interrogation facility during WWII? C'mon, guys, at least PRETEND to be Americans once in awhile. It's not as if your constant betrayals are netting you any more viewers/readers anyway. And you do NOT run the show anymore. Get over your egos, report the facts, and quit the grandstanding and anti-American propaganda. We don't care about body counts; talk about the schools and roads and elections that we are bringing to millions of newly-freed Iraqis and Afghanis. We also don't care about the latest pretty white girl to go missing, or what celebrity is marrying what other celebrity. It's pretty bad when a conservative can't stand to watch Fox News anymore. Also, blogs are out there and we are reading them instead of watching you. Better not demonize them; your future lies with learning from them.

Republicans. Where are you, Ronald Reagan? You guys finally got the reins of power. You finally convinced libertarians to join with you for a couple of elections. Now cut the damn budget, slash some of these ridiculous social programs, put some meat in the military, and END THE PORK. Where exactly is a true conservative supposed to place loyalty with the current band of thieves in power?

Democrats. Where are you, Harry Truman? John Kennedy? The party that fought commies to the mat for 40 years now is poised to have Madame Chairperson Hillary anointed, and is 'run' by Howard Dean, a doctor I wouldn't trust to treat a splinter. And your military hero is John Kerry?

No offense, but I will be so glad when men who were of military-service age during Vietnam are all retired or deceased. It is time for service or nonservice at the time to not be a factor in political races. It was a weird time, where young men either did everything they could to not get sent over, or if they were, to get it out of the way. There were many honorable young men at that time who served with distinction, but it appears damn few of them ever run for office. And those end up as McCains, apparently. At any rate, it was 35-40 years ago, and most of us really don't care what a college kid did or didn't do for an unpopular and badly-prosecuted war.

Iran. Thumbing its nose at the UN, saying they are not scared of the Security Council and its resolutions. Wow, I wonder where they could possibly have gotten that idea?

North Korea. Resuming work on their reactors after promising not to. Ditto Iran.

Minuteman Project. BRAVO! You guys are doing yeoman's work, and in the face of constant belittlement by your own government and the media. Hang tough; some of us get it and support you.

Abortion will never be illegal. Pot will never be legal. The extremists on both sides need to understand these and many other realities.

Incumbency. Would it be too much to ask everyone to vote for a few elections against incumbents at all levels, regardless of party? New faces, even those of your ideological opposite, are unlikely to be more damaging than entrenched incumbents feeding at the public trough for decades at a time. Once the clowns in power are made to understand it is a TEMP gig and that they are there to serve us, we can go back to putting good people in for multiple terms.


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You posed the question, "when will Europe learn that socialism does not work?". I have a much more pressing question, when will the United States learn socialism does not work? It seems we're on the fast track to socialism or economic fascism. Europe can do what it wants, but we should be capitalists. Should be....

By Anonymous Deputy Mayor, at 10/11/05 2:27 PM