“Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation” -James Madison

Friday, November 04, 2005

Paris Riots, coming to a US city near you!

Last week a couple of kids running away from cops who were not chasing them, hid out in an electrical substation and were then electrocuted to death. The kids were muslim immigrants from North Africa and lived in one of the many growing muslim ghettoes. Like Los Angeles in 1992, the minority populations of the ghettoes are using a single event as an excuse to cry "Racism" and destroy their surroundings, burn cars, loot, fire weapons at police, and generally create chaos. We are now on Day 8 of this, and rather than fading the violence is increasing and expanding beyond Paris suburbs and into surrounding towns. The media are reporting "youth violence" and it is difficult to find articles that use the "M" word.

The muslim immigrants in Europe, especially in France, face a hard road. High taxes, low productivity, an over-large social safety net, declining native population, and general lack of opportunity has impacted the economy horribly. It is difficult enough for a skilled citizen to get a job, let alone an unskilled alien. The immigrant ghettoes are filled with desperate people who are unemployed, unskilled, do not speak French, and are resentful of their position. The muslim population in France is expected to be over 35% in the next few years. They are not French (although the children born there technically are), have no connection to the French culture or language, and have demonstrated a disdain for coexistence -- remember the political fights over burkas and head coverings in French schools over the last couple of years. They are poor muslims, and tend to make their surroundings look like Beirut in the 80s or the West Bank now. Their answer tends to be violence.

Compounding the economy issue is the European/French past response to immigration. Like the US and its Mexican illegals, France and Europe embraced the North Africans as cheap labor to "do the jobs the citizens won't." Like the US, they did not demand these immigrants integrate into their culture and learn the local language. Like the US, they allowed the immigrants to cloister together and keep their native culture alive in large swaths of housing districts that no citizen could possibly navigate. Like the US, they extended governmental benefits to the immigrants and expect the citizens' taxes to pay.

These immigrants face the worst circumstances of Mexican immigrants and inner-city Blacks in the US. The French have not recognized the dangers of the immigration, integration, or poverty issues. In a nation that routinely experiences societal upheaval, this is only the latest example. The French government typically is responding by calls for "understanding" the immigrants as opposed to restoring order.

Americans need to be paying attention to this. France and Europe in general are facing a war from within. Civil unrest and violence will only increase as the muslim immigration continues without integration. With producers retiring and entire populations on the government teat, the culture of dependence will fuel resentment between races and classes. It has happened sporadically here in the US and is beginning to do so in Paris.

We can follow the path France and Europe have with respect to our own immigration and poverty issues, and then wonder why the same results happen. That is insanity by every definition. France and Europe have some hard choices to make, and soon. Fortunately we still have time before it becomes as imperative here, but we have to pay attention and learn. Most importantly, we have to change our approach.

Oh, and the last time Europe had problems of this magnitude and depth? Mid-1930s, and a man came to power with a plan to solve the problems of a nation by promising to eradicate a subset of that population perceived to be causing the problems. Those wacky Europeans frequently fall for this kind of thing. Are we really ready to go back in and mop up when it happens again?


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Dear Sirs,

I lived in the Southwest, off and on, for about 30 years. There is absolutely no parallel with the situation in re Muslims in Europe. The problems that we have had with domestic unrest have been confined to black Americans. Please do not read anything into that statement other than that it is only meant to contrast our problems with those of Europe. Mexicans are not estranged from society. Cinquo de Mayo is an unofficial Holiday. Although you can find "discrimination" against Latinos if you look hard enough you can not find any pervasive racial animus. If you care to look you will find that the overwhelming majority of those who bemoan our "border problems" are from snow country. If you don't mind paying $5 a pound for tomatoes, then shut the border.


By Blogger Roy Lofquist, at 4/11/05 2:28 PM  


It was not intended to be a direct parallel.

The point was more in line with respect to integration and the drain on public resources that nonproductive illegals cause.

The muslim situation in France is IMHO a combination of the worst aspects of immigration and integration policies. We in the US are not controlling our borders or immigration. We are not forcing them to integrate. Many of the illegals are not here to pick lettuce; they know that if they make it across the border they can live off the graces of the US taxpayer. So this subset lives in dens of poverty, crime, dependence, and lawlessness (as do inner-city blacks).

I am all for legal immigration with the intent to work and build a new life in a new land. But they must integrate into the new culture at least as far as language and societal customs are concerned. The fact that France has not required this, combined with the poverty aspect and the fundamental islamist mindset, have put them in a tough spot. So Cinco de Mayo is an unofficial holiday for the moment -- does that not indicate a first level of refusal to integrate?

I am only saying that we could face a similar situation if we do not control our own immigration -- not from the hispanics alone, but from the decline of our own culture from allowing all the different immigrants in without the expectation of integration. France is an extreme example, but it is still a valid example.

Thank you for your comment!

By Blogger Skymuse, at 4/11/05 2:49 PM