“Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation” -James Madison

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bored and cranky at work on a Wednesday

The political party that is so utterly convinced that BushCo stole his presidential elections along with a conspiracy involving Halliburton and Diebold voting machines, is dead-set against requiring voter picture identification to prevent fraudulent voting.

Chimpy McHalliburton is retarded and barely keeps from peeing himself at any given moment, but he is also a brilliant mastermind that is able to control world oil and gasoline prices to pinpoint a price drop 60 days before an election. And steer hurricanes.

This same evil genius/retard has also obviously been keeping prices artificially high in order to somehow enrich his "oil buddies" while making himself terribly unpopular. Wouldn't it be easier and more effective to keep the prices low all the time, be popular, and revel in the profits from increased amount of gasoline sold due to lower prices? Oh, that's right, because this principle never works with tax cuts either.

Also on tax cuts, I have to say that on a personal note that they have hurt me TERRIBLY -- in fact, my portfolio of broad-indexed mutual funds is only up about 20% thanks to the horrible soupline economy we currently are subjected to in the wake of being forced to give my money to a rich person in dimes. The bastard even twirled his mustache mockingly when I asked for my bread crumbs in the Cockney accent.

Tax cuts also make me feel very bad; although my tax bracket is surprisingly not the highest, I still was only able to directly support 6 illegal alien families this year as compared to 8 last year.

Drilling in ANWR has become a dead issue once again. I have decided to do my part and ask my Brothers Who Hunt (Og, Grog, and Zog) to please travel to Alaska this year and shoot a caribou in my name. If we can't drill and kill the darn things, we're gonna have to go do it one at a time and eat of their sweet, sweet death.

Global warming has led directly to the historically active hurricane season in which we are currently embattled. After Katrina "proved" the global warming model, all subsequent models pointed to the terrible danger we would all face in 2006, with even more hurricanes popping up and more major storm events. The awful circumstances that our coasts have had to face this summer and early fall are testament to the power and accuracy of the Global Warming theory.

And was Katrina the result of global warming or Chimpy/Rove's Hurricane Steering Machine? Oh, that's right -- global warming set it up and made it big, and then the EvilCons steered it into a black's so absurdly simple, yet I never remember that!

Bill Clinton needs some vitamins -- I mean, it's *BAD* when Tom Cruise calls you up and says, "Dude, that was a little over the top." Perhaps Xenu was involved.

Regarding 2008, I am rooting for a Republican primary showdown between Mitt Romney and George Allen. Neither of them is necessarily my choice as a conservative; I just relish the thought of a Mormon and a Jew slugging it out for president on the GOP ticket. Maybe whoever wins will choose the other as his running mate, thoroughly upending all religious votes.

At any rate, Romney (the Mormon, remember) has been married exactly once, while fellow GOP hopefuls McCain, Giuliani, Allen cannot say the same. "They're more mormon than me. It's not 'extended' family values....."

2008 and the Dems? Who cares? They will undoubtedly nominate some posturing northeast liberal who will serve only as a speedbump while spouting incoherent nonsense about a mythical feelgood "plan" that would most assuredly fail even if it came to fruition. It won't be Hillary -- Iowa showed her that door this week. Look for Gore to finish the rush off the cliff for the dems.

Dems have also been up in arms recently about how statistics have shown that women with children tend to be conservative and Republican, leading to the obvious conclusion that the dems are being outbred. The Party of Abortion is screaming that this is unfair.

End of Line.


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